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The ministry of Jesus was always to meet people where they were in life without condemnation. Whether Jesus ate with tax collectors or hookers, His heart was to show them unconditional love with the goal of life-change. God has called us to that same kind of ministry. Our heart is to reach the young and old in our ever-changing culture with a Truth that changes lives for eternity.

Servant Evangelism is a method that is unique to the Vineyard Church. Started at the Cincinnati Vineyard, led by Steve Sjogren, Servant Evangelism has been used to lead thousands of people to a life relationship with Jesus Christ. S.E. gives all believers opportunities, without fear, to show God’s kindness to those that might never step into a church building. We use events like free car washes, Coke give-a-aways, and bathroom cleaning to show that God’s love is practical. Our hope is to be the hands and feet of a God that wants a relationship with His people. The stark reality is that we want to share the news that Jesus is Head over heals in love with us!

Check out some of our Love the City Opportunites that are coming up and join us:


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