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Jon Quitt

Jon has been the pastor of Tuscaloosa Vineyard since its founding in 2002, following 7 years of college and youth ministry where he honed his most powerful, life-changing spiritual gift, sarcasm. Currently, Jon serves as an APCL (Area Pastoral Care Leader) for Vineyard, overseeing churches in Mississippi and Alabama. If he isn’t in his office at the church, you can probably find him at Panera Bread or Starbucks, where is he likely to have a Cafe Americana in his hand and his nose in a John Piper book. For Pastor Appreciation Day or any day for that matter, stock him up with Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish. Though secretly in love with his MacBook Pro, Jon is married to Amy and they have two kids, Connor and Sydney. Jon is also the author of We’re All Heroes In Our Own Story (released November of 2016, Crosslink Publishing).

You can contact Pastor Jon at jon@tuscaloosavineyard.com or follow his blog at jonquitt.com or at twitter.com/JonQuitt.


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