Tuscaloosa Vineyard Community, Non-Denominational Church

Service Time 10:00 a.m.

Spring Internship

vcc internship


Vineyard Community Church will be creating 2 internship spots this spring to partner with our existing ministry to the city. The primary role of the intern will be to champion our weekly outreach projects .


Questions and Answers

What is the duration of the internship? The internship will begin January 16 and end April 28.


Are the internships paid?

Yes. There will be a small stipend of $1500 for the entire Spring.


What are the expected hours?

Interns will be expected to work 15 hours a week. The time will be split between prep and outreach.


Can I work a job outside of my internship?

Yes.  However, there will need to be a regular schedule (i.e. M, W, F 12-5).


How do I get started?

Please fill out the application and we will contact you soon.