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When people think of a new church, they think pragmatically. Get some chairs, a sound system, a preacher and some guy (or lady) to lead some music — and there you go. You’ve gotta church! However, that is not how the Vineyard happened. The Vineyard Community Church was never created. It was not manufactured out of some entrepreneurial skill, creativity or desire to succeed. The Vineyard was conceived out of a burning desire to see the name and renown of Jesus be experienced by all people.

It all started in 2003 with a handful of people that met in a house to worship and pray for each other. It was nothing fancy; no light show or big band or someone standing at a podium. What we did have was something that most of us had not experienced . . . community and truth and God’s presence. We wanted more though and wanted others to experience this reality also. So that same year we secured the Ferguson Center Theatre on the University of Alabama campus to hold our first public service of the Vineyard Community Church.

Since those early days, 10+ years ago, we are still pursuing God in all that He is. We still love to worship Him and communicate to people that Jesus is head over heals in love with them.

For more Information on The Vineyard International church, visit vineyardusa.org


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